Helpful Links and Tutorials


- Printer Drivers - This will take you to a page on OKI's website that has downloads for all of their drivers. 

- Forever TransferRIP Software - This will take you to a Dropbox file where you can download the Forever TransferRIP Software.

- ICC Profiles - This will take you to a folder in Drop Box where you can download the ICC Profiles for your specific printer. 

-  Free Editing Software - Here is a link to an editing software similar to Photoshop that you can download for free. 

Color Chart - This is a chart of a larger spectrum of colors and CMYK color codes. For this to work, you will want to print on transfer paper and transfer to a spare shirt for a reference guide when matching colors. 

Video Tutorials

How to Install Your OKI Printer Drivers - This video will walk you though how to set up your drivers step by step.

- How to Install and Setup Your Forever TransferRIP Software - This video walks you though how to install your Forever TransferRIP software from start to finish. In addition, it covers how to install your software with out a DVD drive in your computer.  

- How to use the Forever TransferRIP Software - This video will walk your through step by step on how to use the Forever Transfer Software. 

- Marring and Transfer Technique - This will take you to a playlist of videos that will walk you though the marring and transferring technique to get the best result. 

-Tips and Tricks - This video will show you common issues and how to eliminate them. 

- Pressing 5 Shirts at a Time - This video covers how you can increase your productivity by marrying 5 prints at the same time with one press. 

Documents and Forms

- Manuals for Hotronix - This link will take you to a page on Hotronix's website where you can download the manual for your press. 

- Forever Technical Support Form - If you are experiencing crashes or errors in the software, you can use this form to create a ticket with Forever directly. 

- Forever TransferRIP Cheat Sheet - This is a cheat sheet for the Forever TransferRIP software. 

- Press and Printer Cheat Sheets - This will take you to a drop box folder where you can download information sheets for different types of Forever brand paper. 

- Step by Step Guide for Installing Black Toner in the OKI PRO8432WT - Here is a walk through on how to install the black toner.

- ICC Profile for Black Toner Cartridge - You will need to download this when walking through the guide if you have trouble with OKI website. 

- MAC USERS: Using Forever TransferRIP on a MAC - This link will take you to a tutorial that walks you through setting up Boot Camp so that you can run Forever TransferRip on your computer. Since Forever TransferRIP is made for windows, you will need to run it though a program that simulates windows, such as Boot Camp. 

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