Richpeace USB Troubleshooting

Are the cables connected properly? Getting a constant green and red light at power up? Is the red side (pin1 side) of the ribbon cable towards the power cable?

  • The ribbon cable may be inverted or cables are not connected properly. See the “How to Install Richpeace USB Upgrade” article to confirm that the cables are connected correctly.

No red light at power up? Are the connections/cables loose? Is the unit or USB stick not getting power?

  • Try unplugging and re-plugging the ribbon cable (and 4 pin power cable) to make sure there is a solid connection.

Still no red light at power up? 

Is the machine still able to work with a floppy drive? Did the original floppy disk work prior to installing the USB upgrade? 

  • If the USB upgrade AND a known-working floppy drive will not work with the machine, then the problem may be with the floppy driver chip possibly being damaged/malfunctioning.

No green light when reading/writing to USB stick? Getting floppy disk error/error code when trying to read/write the USB stick?

  • Non-compatible USB stick is being used. Try using multiple different brands of USB sticks to see if behavior changes.
  • USB stick size too large. Make sure to use a stick that is 2GB or less. We highly recommend our 2gb USB sticks that can be purchased at
  • USB stick is not formatted properly. Try re-formatting and re-downloading to the USB stick  NOTE: Re-formatting a USB stick will clear out (delete) the current files on the stick. See the  "How to format a USB thumb drive" article for instructions on how to properly format your USB stick.
  • The dipswitch configuration is incorrect. Contact Stitch It Support for dipswitch settings.

For Tajima and SWF Machine Owners: Try Re-installing / Re-configuring your machine after the Richpeace USB upgrade has been installed into the machine.

  • Look in the machine’s manual for instructions on how to Re-install (re-installation software is required) or Re-configure the machine.

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