Error 204 and Error 205



Embroidery machines comes with a variety of Electronic Boards and Motors that makes the machine perform and work the way it should. Error 204 have to do with a Side to Side movement or Left to Right or we can call it a Horizontal movement as well, Error 205 is an Up/Down movement, Top to Bottom or perhaps a Vertical movement. Too much voltage noise can cause either of these two errors temporarily, sometimes by just restarting the machine can resolve this issue, If continuous, then the electronics need to be looked at. Note that on SWF machines, a failure of the XY boards can take out the motors as well; please check motors for burnt smell, or unplug and verify with a multimeter that resistance is identical across pins 1+2, and 3+4.




First we need to find out if the problem is an Electronic Board (X or Y) or the Motors, if the error is a 204 (X axis driver error) we need to locate the X and Y board from behind the Control Box like the pictures below.

image image


X / Y Boards from Behind the Control Box X / Y Boards from the front of the Control Box.

We need to switch the cables from the X board to the Y board behind the Control Box like the picture above to the left and also change the current on the front of the boards like the pictures above to the right, just turn the little arrow inside the blue dial to the assigned current (letter or number). On top of the control box we placed a sticker with the current settings for the X and Y boards, please see pictures below.

image image


image image


The reason to perform this test is to find out if the Electronic board is defective or not, if the error was a 204 and after we had switch the cables and reset the current now the error is 205 then we know that the X board have to be replace or the other way around if the error was 205 then changes to a 204 then we need to replace the Y board. But remember a failure of the XY boards can take out the motors as well, please check motors for burnt smell, or unplug and verify with a multimeter that resistance is identical across pins 1+2, and 3+4. Instructions below.

How to Measure Resistance on an Electronic Circuit

Resistance on your electronic circuit is measured in ohms, represented by the Greek letter Omega (Ω). Measuring resistances is similar to measuring voltages, with a key difference:

You must first disconnect all voltage sources from the circuit whose resistance you want to measure. That's because the multimeter will inject a known voltage into the circuit so that it can measure the current and then calculate the resistance. If there are any outside voltage sources in the circuit, the voltage won't be fixed, so the calculated resistance will be wrong.

Below a couple of pictures with an arrow pointing at the cables that you have to unplug to measure resistance.

image image

Another way you can find out if the Motors are defective is by removing the Motors and rotate the shaft manually and if you feel an abnormal rotation other than a smooth rotation then the Motor is defective, Please look at the picture below.


If the Motor is defective we need to replace the Motor. If the boards are fine and the Motors are fine then the issue can be a Mechanical issue and is require for a Certified SWF technician to service the machine.


For the single head machines errors 204 and 205 can be the Electronic Boards or the Motors as well.


We can measure resistance on the motor as well, revise the Motor shaft if the rotation is smooth or not, that way we will know if the Motor is defective, if the Motor is in good condition then we can consider the XY board. For the new style single Head machine (E Series) there is only one board for both movements X and Y but for the older style (A or B series) there are two boards, X board and Y board.

image image

XY Board for an E Series Machine. XY Board for an A or B series Machine.

The pictures below will show you where to locate the XY Board and the Motors.


IO Board.

XY Board is under the IO board.

What you see is the Control Box for an E-T1501C, the XY Board is under the IO Board.


This is the X Motor, is located on the right side of the Pantograph.


This is a Diagram of the Control Box for the A and B Series Machines, please look at the arrows pointing to the XY Boards.

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