Error 104 and Error 105

Start / Stop Switch error for Multi Heads SWF Machines. CONSTRUCTION OF THE SWITCH AND REASON TO GET DEFECTIVE.

The START and STOP switches that comes with the SWF Machines can be call “NON MOMENTARY PUSH BUTTON”, Non-momentary switches take one push to turn on, another to turn off. TVs and stereos use non-momentary switches for their power buttons. A push button switch is a small, sealed mechanism that completes an electric circuit when you press on it. When it's on, a small metal spring inside makes contact with two wires, allowing electricity to flow. When it's off, the spring retracts, contact is interrupted, and current won't flow. The body of the switch is made of non-conducting plastic.

Electrical circuits need to be complete to work. The electricity must be able to flow uninterrupted through the various wires and components. But circuits that are complete all the time aren't as useful as ones that work only when we want them to. This is what a switch does. Some switches are hidden inside machinery; others are where we can see and use them. The push button switch has thousands of familiar uses, from elevators to car stereos. It comes in two basic kinds: momentary and non- momentary.

Pressing the switch many times throughout the years, the mechanism inside becomes faulty, The small metal spring inside does not make contact like it should.


If errors 104 or 105 appears on the screen of the machine’s operation panel then most likely the machine has a faulty STOP or START switch or perhaps the cable that plugs to both Switches can be defective as well, sometimes the switch and the cable needs to be replace at the same time ,whether is The STOP switch or the START switch. The reason why the cable can get defective is because the Head Moves from side to side to get to the right needle, because of that movement the cable bends causing The wires inside to come apart or break. “PLEASE SEE PICTURES BELOW OF THE START / STOP SWITCHES AND THE CABLE”

image image


There is something very important to know that can fix a 104 or 105 error as well, it can be a connection issue that has become disconnected or have worn from the color changing of the machine over time. All we need to do is disconnect the wires that plugs to the switches and connect them back to the Pins and and also the cable from where it connects, by doing this the wires can make better contact and work properly.

Please refer to the instructions below that will explain with details how to replace or troubleshoot the error 104 and 105.

Replacing the Start/Stop Switch & Cable Multi Head K Series


Error 104 and Error 105 indicate that the machine is sensing that either the START button (Error

  1. or the STOP button (Error 105) is engaged. This can be caused by 3 possibilities.

    1. Loosely connected or Broken Wire at the rear of the button

    2. Broken or Grounded Switch/Button

    3. Damage to Power cable that connects the buttons to the Sub Control Board.

This Document will cover how to reconcile the issue and replace the parts that may be necessary.


As we mentioned an Error 104 is indicating that the machine is recognizing that the START Button (Green Button) is depressed and not released. And an Error 105 is indicating the same thing but on the STOP Button (Red Button). It is important to inspect the respective button first.

Each button has a plastic cover either Green or Red and behind this button is a spring that when you press the button in and release the button pops back up. If the spring is not releasing the button then it may be damaged or if the machine is an older machine, dirt and lint may have settled in the recess that the button sort of sticks and does not pop out immediately. In either of these cases you will want to replace the button.

Also, each button has 2 wires connected behind it; these wires can be worked loose over time which can cause a disconnection at the button site. This can be caused if the cable coming off

these two buttons that connect through the bridge of the machine has become disconnected or have worn from the color changing of the machine over time. The wires that are secured to the rear of the buttons are wire tied to a “L” bracket prior to going into the bride of the machine where it connects to another cable that ends at the sub control board.

  1. Set your machine to needle #8. If the Error message is preventing you from using the control panel to color change, then locate the passivity dial on the right side of Head #1. This dial will be silver in color and when you turn that dial the head will change to a different needle. Turn this dial until needle #8 is lined up with the needle plate hole. (Ensure to power off the machine before continuing)


  2. Remove the Magnetic plastic cover that covers your Start/Stop Buttons. For more than 2 heads you may have more than one set of Start and Stop buttons.

  3. Then Remove the four 4mm Allen screws that secure the Start/Stop Button assembly bracket to the heads.


  4. Carefully maneuver the Start/Stop Bracket out in front of the connecting brackets on the left and right side then look at the rear of the buttons, Check to ensure the wires are

    firmly set to the posts behind the buttons. (Remember for Error 104’s you are inspecting the connections behind the Green Button, and for Error 105’s you are looking at the connections behind the Red button)


  5. If there is no damage seen and if the wires are fully secure, Inspect the Cable to ensure it is fully seated with the Middle cable.


    *If the connection looks secure, and no physical damage is seen, carefully push the wire back into the bridge, and set the START/STOP Button assembly back in place and only set a 3mm Allen screw on the left and 1 on the right and power up your machine to see if the error has gone away. (It is possible that a connecting wire could have been loose or the middle cable may have been partially disconnected and by inspecting we corrected the issue). If issue remains then we need to replace the respective button causing our issue.


    1. Cut any wire ties that are securing the cable from the START and STOP buttons so the cable is not tethered to the “L” Bracket. Then slip the wires off the rear of the button.


    2. To remove the button, unscrew the black mount collar located on the back of the button, then slide the button out.


    3. Be sure to remove the collar from the new button then insert the new button into the bracket; orient the button so the metal tabs where the wires are connected are in the correct as shown in the image above. Then slide the wires onto the correct tabs and ensure they are secured. Be sure to put new heat shrink to protect the wire connection onto the tabs (Shown in black in image) If the new wires have none on them. Heat shrink can be bought from Radio Shack.

      (If the cable is being replaced then wires for the STOP and START button need to be removed so the new cable wires can be installed)


    4. Carefully pull the old cable out through the bridge taking care when maneuvering the connection out of the hole, Disconnect the old cable from the middle cable and connect the new.


    5. Remount the START/STOP button assembly back on and re-secure the 4 Allen Screws to their brackets. Replace the magnetic cover and test the machine.


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